Well hello there!!

Great to see you here! Planning a wedding is a big undertaking, and a disorganised planning process will make it seem even bigger. Buy a good quality A4 ring binder and organize it with tabs. Fill it up with all your inspirations, supplier contracts and fabric swatches. Print out the worksheets on this page and use them to guide your planning process. Take the ring binder with you to all your meetings. Happy planning, and remember if all fails, I am just a phone call away.


Keep your checklist visual at all times. Try to complete it 2 months before your wedding.

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Keep your budget up to date at all times. Budgeting is easiest if you have clear priorities. When you have set on your

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Here is a little sample of a fun timeline. Once you have completed yours, print it out and hand it out to everyone at the rehearsal. Be creative!

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