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flyerI am delighted to create a table for Frasers Open day on Saturday 17 September 2016 from 2pm to 4pm. So come on down and enjoy the atmosphere only Frasers can offer. See you soon and I am looking forward to meeting you.


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An article from Bupa Insurance to share:


Just a few years ago, it seemed like wedding planners were only for the very rich and very famous. As weddings have gotten more complex and bespoke, wedding planners have become more popular as brides the world over realise how much stress they can take out of your day, and how unique we can help make your big day be.

At Cathrin D’Entremont Weddings we believe that each wedding should be one-of-a-kind and a translation of your style and budget into a unique event you’ll look back on fondly for the rest of your life. We guarantee that our trusted team will personally attend your celebration from start to finish.

We take great pride in offering each client a unique design process to give them a comprehensive vision of their upcoming event. Throughout the process, we work very closely with like-minded and talented vendors to guide their vision. But these are just a few reasons why working with a wedding vendor can make a huge difference to your special day.

Since wedding planning is our business, we know all the places around town that are perfect for big events, and not-so-big events. We know which venues are the least expensive in particular months and how to get great deals from expensive locations. When you chose a great wedding planner, you’re saving yourself the stress of spending hours online and on the phone, trying to find the right place to have your wedding.

Because this is what we do all the time, we know all the right people who can get you deals, discounts, and price-savings for your special day. Of course price isn’t your first concern on your wedding day, but if the event comes in under budget, that’s better for everyone.

But, most importantly, we have great ideas! We got into wedding planning because we’re good at it. We excel at making brides and grooms feel special because we love the feeling of magic during the first kiss and the first dance, and because there’s nothing quite as special as seeing food, decoration, clothing and family come together to create something special and unique.

No matter what it is you’re dreaming of on your special day, we know how to make it happen. We can connect you with any vendor in the area to help you make the impossible possible, and we can work with you to create your dream event.

At Cathrin D’Entrement Weddings, we have experience working with wedding parties from many different cultures and backgrounds. We’ve lived all over the world ourselves, and have experienced many different environments. We’re proud to bring that world experience to Australia to help you plan your one-of-a-kind event. We prove that wedding planners aren’t just for society members; everyone can benefit from having a professional help them organise one of the most important days of their lives.

To read some inspirational stories from Australia’s leading event planners, check out our recent feature in Bupa Life Insurance’s latest article, ‘How to Make Life’s Milestone Celebrations Special’.

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Ceci Bride Advice – Olivia



Real Bride Advice:  My biggest tip would be to hire a wedding planner, if your budget allows for it. I was lucky enough to work with Cathrin D’Entremont, she was truly amazing. She was able to save us time, money and stress. It’s so important for your planner to understand your vision for the day, what you want your guests to experience from the very moment they receive their invitation to when they leave your wedding. At the beginning I really had no idea what my wedding day was going to be like and found it helpful to take inspiration from weddings that I’d seen on websites. With the help and assistance of Cathrin we were able to create something that was beyond my wildest dreams! It’s important to communicate what you do and don’t like no matter what. This way you will ensure your day is one to remember… PS. Don’t forget to plan a moment for you and your partner to be alone to really take it all in on your special day.

What It’s Like to Be a Ceci Bride:  The entire stationery design process was amazing. We live in Western Australia, so at first I was nervous about not being able to actually be in New York to meet the team at Ceci New York in person. However, through phone conferences, shipping paper samples back and forth, and the detailed designs that Ceci Johnson and her team created, the long distance designing wasn’t a problem at all. The biggest takeaway from Ceci New York was that there is nothing they can’t do. They created exactly what I imagined in a way that I truly believe no one else could have.

Ceci’s team understood the balance between classic and elegance, creating stationery that excited our guests and gave them a prelude of our wedding day. At the end of the night it was clear that many of our guests had taken their ceremony program, menu/placement cards, table and seating numbers home as keep sakes! Ceci Johnson and her team of design professionals created a stationery suite that was unique.

Photography by Natasja Kremers   




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Through cultural traditions Kitty and Ku will have 3 weddings to attend. One in Kitty’s home country Pakistan, one in Ku’s home country Malaysia and one in Perth with their close family, friends and work colleagues. With both being doctors their life leaves little time for anything else, never mind planning a wedding for 150 guests.

When Kitty came to see me she told me that the wedding in Perth should reflect them and should be very personal. She did not want any traditional customs incorporated.

Her favourite colour happened to be the Pantone colour of the year 2015 – Marsala. I added a few dashes of blue with the candles.

I suggested finding a venue where we can have the ceremony, pre-dinner drinks and reception at one place and Lamonts Bishops House was the perfect place.

Kitty flew many times to Pakistan to have the brass charger plates designed, sourcing the table linen and napkins under my guidance. The charger plates were later given to the guests as a gift. She also purchased the fabric for her wedding gown and found a designer in Melbourne who was happy to design her wedding gown.

The lantern above the tables and the up lights by the trees where just beautiful and gave the right ambiance.

Stationery is a very big part of a wedding and can also act as part of the décor. The seating chart had to be large as some of the names were quite long. With 3 very long tables we had to opt for a landscape seating chart.

The napkin ring was also the seating card which together with the napkin set off so perfectly on the charger plate.

It all came together in harmony beautifully and with such a talented team behind me who made it all happen.

Photo credit: Feather and Stone Photography